Handling Required Fields for Zoom Webinar Registration Forms

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When your webinar has required Questions or Custom Questions, those must be present on the Act-On form. If those questions are missing, Zoom registrations will fail to submit. Therefore, Act-On will validate the required registration questions based on the settings for your Zoom webinar so you don't miss any contacts who want to join.

  • If you create a new form by clicking mceclip3.png the form will include all registration fields, including whether they are required. All field settings and picklist values are imported to your form from Zoom.
  • If you copy a form by clicking Screen_Shot_2020-12-02_at_5.00.11_PM.png your registration form will be a true copy of that form. Act-On will compare your form to the required questions in Zoom. If any fields are missing or are not set as required, you will see a notice on the page including the names of your missing required fields:


  • This warning may also appear if you make changes to the required questions in Zoom after creating the form in Act-On.


To resolve this error, you must add the fields to your registration form and mark them as required.

  1. From your Act-On Webinar Campaign, click Edit under the Registration Form
  2. In the Form Composer that pops up, navigate to the Design tab
  3. Choose an appropriate field type from the Blocks section of the left-hand menu and drag it over to the form fields in any position you choose.
  4. Enter the field name. This must exactly match the Question name in Zoom.
  5. Configure the field settings as appropriate (eg multiple values, validation, etc)
  6. Mark the field as Required by clicking the grey asterisk icon at the top right  
    • A blue asterisk icon indicates the field is required
  7. Click OK at the bottom right to save the field
  8. Click Save and close the Form Composer and return to your Webinar Campaign.
Registrations with the email used to host the webinar are not sent to Zoom. If you test the registration form prior to sending the promotion, you will need to use any other email that is not used to host the webinar.

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