How to Approve Registrations for your Zoom Webinar Campaign

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If your Zoom Webinar requires registration approval, you can approve or reject registrations directly from Act-On. 


  1. From the Webinar Campaign, click on Manual Approval
  2. Review the pending registrations and determine who to approve or reject. 
    • Click on the radio button to accept or reject each registrant
    • Click on the square checkbox to select all for either column
  3. Once you have completed reviewing your registrants, click Save.
    • If enabled, this action will trigger the Registration Accepted and Registration Rejected messages to send as appropriate.



You can only approve new pending registrations from Act-On. 

To make changes to a registration that was already approved or rejected, you can log into your Zoom Webinar account and make changes there. Once this has been done, you may need to click Sync to see this change reflected in Act-On.


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