Setting Up a Zoom Webinar Campaign FAQs

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Here are some FAQs on How to Set Up a Zoom Webinar Campaign.

Can I import custom questions for my registration form?

Yes! When you are creating your Form, choose +Generate Form. All of your Zoom Webinar Questions and Custom Questions will be imported into your Act-On Form.

I made a mistake. How do I make changes or start over?

This depends on what you need to correct. Clicking Delete in the webinar listing will remove the Webinar Campaign from Act-On and you can start over with your marketing content. However, this does not delete the underlying content (Form, Landing Page, a list if it exists, and any Messages). It also does not delete the webinar from Zoom.

Zoom Webinar Settings

If you need to make changes to the webinar title, date/time, or any other settings available in Zoom, make the changes in Zoom, then go to the Act-On Webinar Campaign and click the Sync button at the top right side. 

Registration Form or Registration Questions

If you need to add questions to your Zoom registration after creating the Form, we recommend deleting the existing Form and generating a new one. Some questions in Zoom require specific drop-down values (such as Country). Creating a new Form will import the correct drop-down values so you do not need to manually enter these fields.

Option 1 - Delete your registration Form and start over

  1. Go to Content > Forms and find your webinar Form
  2. Hover over the Form name and click on the trash icon to delete
  3. Repeat for the Form's associated Landing Page (it usually has the same title)
  4. Next, go back to Automation > Webinars, click on your webinar title
  5. Create a new Registration Form

Option 2 - Edit your existing Form

If you have already distributed the Form link and you are unable to create a new Form, you must manually enter the drop-down values for each field you are adding. For the Country drop-down, you can use the Country Dropdown Content Fragment that is available in Act-On's Content Catalog. More information.

You must also ensure the field mapping matches the field names in Zoom or data will fail to sync.


  • Registration Response: Click Replace to start a new message or choose an existing one to copy.
  • All other Messages: Click Delete to remove the message from your webinar, then you can add a new one.

Why wasn’t my reminder message sent at the scheduled time?

There are a few reasons this could happen:

  • If you chose a schedule and then saved your Reminder Message, it is not ready to be sent. You must click Submit Launch Request.
  • If you scheduled the Reminder Message to be sent at the same time your webinar started, Act-On cannot guarantee the timely delivery of messages such as webinar reminders. We suggest sending a reminder message one hour before the scheduled event. Recommended best practice.

Why is my Zoom webinar not updating with new signups?

There are a few reasons this could happen.

  • You have renamed or replaced your Form Signup List. When you create your registration Form, Act-On automatically creates a list called "Signups from [My Webinar Name]".  If you have replaced or renamed this list, any signups from your Act-On Form will not sync to Zoom.

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