Zoom Webinar Campaign Reports

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Once you launch your Zoom Webinar campaign, you will have several reports available to measure success.

These include the following:

Viewing Webinar Campaign Reports

Access Reports from the Webinar Campaign dashboard

All of your Webinar Campaign reports can be conveniently accessed from the Webinar Campaign:

  1. Go to Automation > Webinars
  2. Select your Webinar Campaign from the listing page
  3. Click Reports


By Default, you will see the Signup Form Activity Report.

To change the report you are viewing, click on the report title and you will see a drop-down menu that shows all available reports.


The reports will vary depending on what messages were sent for your webinar.

Grouped assets, such as Invitation Messages, will have a Combined Report available in addition to the report for each message that was sent. The combined Report aggregates data to measure overall success.


View Reports Directly

You can also view your webinar reports directly.

Access depends on what report you need to access. For example, to view a Form report, go to Content > Forms > View Form Report.

To view the Attendance report:

  1. Go to Automation > Webinars
  2. Select your Webinar Campaign from the listing page
  3. Click Attendance


FAQ and Troubleshooting

Why is my Webinar Campaign missing a report?

This might happen for two reasons:

  • If an asset such as a Landing Page was deleted, the report will be missing from the Webinar Campaign.
  • If you deleted your webinar after beginning the campaign and then started a new campaign for the same webinar. The new webinar will not include reports from the prior campaign, even if it is promoting the same Zoom Webinar event.

When this occurs, we recommend using the Automations > Campaigns feature to rebuild an aggregate report containing all of your Webinar Campaign assets.

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