Recommended Browser Preferences for Act-On CRM Integrations

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In order to use the Act-On dashboard from within your CRM, your browser must give permission for Act-On to perform various tasks. If your browser is not correctly configured, you may encounter various issues such as a page failing to load, no response when clicking a button, and data failing to load on the page. This is true for all of our CRM integrations: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Zendesk Sell, and NetSuite.

For every CRM User who will access Act-On features, we recommend that you review your browser configuration following our guidelines outlined below. You may also want to review our list of supported browsers.

Browser Preferences

Recommended Settings

Allow Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are required for the Act-On Message Composer to load. You may need to allow pop-ups for your CRM as well as for Act-On. This allows pop-ups for the Email Composer and Contact Report.

Allow Cookies and Third-Party Cookies

When you access the dashboard from your CRM, it operates as a frame in the page. Because of this, your browser sees Act-On as a third-party. You will need to either allow all cookies and all third-party cookies, or add your CRM as a site that can always use cookies. This allows Act-On to set and use cookies to authenticate your user account.

Disable "Do Not Track" or Tracking Protection

All users must have tracking prevention disabled. The name of this policy and the error messages you see will vary by browser. Generally this will cause the page to fail to load.

Sites to Allow


When adding Act-On to your browser's approved sites, the best practice is to use a wildcard. This will account for various services used to authenticate and communicate data for your account.



Depending on your CRM, you may need to allow multiple URLs. 











Note: These are examples. The URL(s) for your CRM may vary from what is listed here.

Instructions by Browser

Setting names and instructions vary by browser. Follow the instructions provided based on the web browser you are using. You can also work with your company's IT team or contact Act-On support for more assistance.

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge


* Act-On does not officially support Safari. If you have updated your preferences and are still experiencing problems, please use a supported browser.

Browser Extensions

Any privacy-blocking browser extension may cause Act-On CRM integrations to fail. To use Act-On in your CRM, you must either allow Act-On in the extension settings or disable the extension for your CRM pages.

Examples of these extensions include:

  • Ghostery
  • Privacy Badger
  • uBlock Origin
  • Disconnect
  • Cookie Control

Still need help?

Our Technical Support team is available to help. Contact us and we can further assist with troubleshooting your browser issues while using Act-On.

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