How do I add new fields to my CRM Marketing List?

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Once you have integrated your CRM and imported your lists, you can easily add new fields to those lists whenever needed.

To add a new CRM field to your existing Marketing List, it should first exist in your CRM. If you are creating a new field for your company to use, ask your CRM Administrator to create it first.

Next, make sure you have set up Data Management and are running a recurring sync so Act-On can see your CRM fields: Data Management Setup and FAQs.

Finally, import the field to Act-On:

  1. Go to Contacts > Marketing Lists
  2. Click the drop-down next to the list for more options
  3. Choose Import/Export
  4. Select CRM Sync Setup (the name will vary by CRM)
  5. Click Add List Columns
  6. Select the new field(s) you wish to import and click Save
  7. Click Select Pull-Update fields and make sure your new field is checked, then click Save.
  8. If desired, click Run Now to import immediately

In this example, we add the Mobile Phone field, add it to Pull-Update so that Act-On pulls the field in from MS Dynamics, and run a sync to add the data.


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