Act-On Marketing Platform for Microsoft Dynamics - Troubleshooting Guide

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Some errors may occur during or after the installation of our MS Dynamics plugin. Dynamics Administrators should use this guide when encountering errors. Sales Users should first report to their administrators, who can help make the necessary updates to resolve most errors by following this guide.

If you have an error that is not listed here, or you are unable to resolve your error with the instructions provided, please contact our Support team using the button at the bottom of this page.

Missing buttons: Send Email and Activity History

If you are unable to see the Send Email and Activity History buttons in the Lead and Contact views, you will need to install the Ribbon Patch.

To download the Ribbon Patch, contact Support here: Download Request: Act-On for Microsoft Dynamics


"The import of solution: Act-On Marketing Platform for MS Dynamics completed with warning."


You may see a warning after importing the solution related to Lead and Contact entities.

Detail: "The duplicate detection rules for this entity have been unpublished due to possible modifications to the entity."

The Act-On package creates a new custom field of Act-On Behavior Score on the Lead and Contact entities. This can upset duplicate detection rules.


This is a warning and no further action is necessary for the Act-On solution to function. However, Dynamics Administrators may wish to review duplicate detection rules and re-publish them.

"You do not have the required privileges to view this page." or 404 errors


This error will show in the following circumstances:

  • On the first visit to the Act-On Dashboard when installing the solution.
  • For all MS Dynamics users who are not registered to use Act-On.


If this is the first time you are setting up Act-On, this is expected. Continue to Act-On > Configuration to register your users. See full instructions here.

If this is showing for a user who needs to access Act-On, first have your Act-On administrator confirm they have been added as an Act-On user in our application. This applies to all users including System Administrators.

Next, have your system administrator in MS Dynamics go to Act-On > Configuration and register the user. See full instructions here.

"Your account is not setup for access to Act-On" or "An internal error has occurred. Please try again later"


Both of these errors may occur when the Act-On Connected User does not have the Act-On Sales User security role. This user does not need to be registered in Act-On and does not need to be configured in the plugin registration, but the security role is required.


Assign the security role Act-On Sales User to the Act-On Connected User.  See full instructions here.

"Problem accessing Dynamics custom_acton_sso Data : error : Forbidden"

This error will show for users who do not have the Act-On Sales User security role set.


Have your system administrator in MS Dynamics navigate to Settings > Administration > Users and add the security role Act-On Sales User. See full instructions here.

"Blocked by X-Frame-Options Policy"

This error may show for users who have browser security settings that are blocking Act-On from loading in Microsoft Dynamics.


Update your browser security policy to disable tracking prevention or add an exception for Act-On. These instructions vary by browser:

Further reading: Recommended Browser Preferences for CRM Users

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