Paragraphs and Lists (new Email Composer) Beta

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The Paragraph and List content blocks are specialized tools designed to meet distinct text formatting requirements. The Paragraph content block is optimized for long-form text, offering greater control over paragraph styles and spacing. The List content block provides an efficient way to create and manage ordered or unordered lists, complete with customizable styles and spacing options.

Paragraph and List Content Blocks (new Email Composer) 01.png

Please note that the new Email Composer is currently in Beta. This beta is limited and not available for all customers at this time.

How to Use the Paragraph Content Block

  • Inserting: Drag the Paragraph content block from the Content tab into your layout.
  • Customization: In the sidebar, options are available to set font family, size, alignment, text direction, font-weight, paragraph spacing, and more:

Paragraph and List Content Blocks (new Email Composer) 02.png

How to Use the List Content Block

  • Inserting: Drag the List content block into your layout.
  • Customization: Use the sidebar for setting font family, size, alignment, and text direction, similar to the Paragraph content block.

Additional List Features

  • List type: Choose between an ordered (numbered) or unordered (bulleted) list.
  • List style: Customize the style of bullets or numbers.
  • Start list from: This option becomes available when you select an ordered list, allowing you to specify the starting number.
  • Item spacing and indent: Fine-tune the spacing and indentation between list items.

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