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The Button content block lets you include attractive, personalized buttons in email messages with a visible Call to Action.

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Please note that the new Email Composer is currently in Open Beta.

How to Use the Button Content Block

  • Drag the Button content block from the Content tab into your layout. In the sidebar, set the following options:

Button Text

  • Type the text you want directly in the button. The text can be personalized & edited like the text in a paragraph block.

Button Action

In the sidebar, set what you want to happen when the button is clicked. From the Link type drop-down, select:

  • Open web page. Choose from:
    • Enter the destination URL.
    • Click Link file & select from your Act-On image & logo library.
    • Click Asset Links & link to:
      - A Landing Page.
      - A media file: Select from your Act-On media library.
      - A classic Form (Only Classic Forms can be selected to insert as an asset link).
      - Opt-out: Link to unsubscribe or view subscription management preferences.
      - A 'view in browser' link.
  • Send email. Enter the email address to send to, the subject, & body of the email.
  • Make call. Enter the number to call, for example, a support line.
  • Send SMS. Enter the number to send to & the message.

Button Formatting

Button options are available in the sidebar to set Auto width (button size changes to fit the text), font (family, weight, & size), background & text color, alignment, line height, letter spacing, text direction, border radius (for example, to make the button pill-shaped), content padding, & borders.

Block options are available to set padding for the button block, and choose to hide on mobile or desktop. 

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