Beacon Tracking Code FAQs

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Do I need to add beacon tracking code to my Act-On Landing Pages?

No, Act-On's Landing Pages  & Forms automatically include the tracking script, so you don't need to add it yourself.

For any other pages you want to track (website, blog, customer portal, etc.), you should copy the beacon script and add in the HTML code. A good place for it is within the <head> tag.

Can two beacon tracking codes be on the same web page?

Yes, you can put two beacons on a web page & it will record data to both Act-On accounts. If doing this, to prevent doubling of entries, remove ActOn.Beacon.track() from the second Beacon script. If you need help with this, contact Support.

What happens with beacon tracking when I institute a new custom Marketing Domain?

You need to change the beacon code on your website. See:

Beacons transmit data ('x' contacts visited 'y' websites at 'z' times) without the history being associated with a beacon. When the new custom marketing domain is added & the beacon code is replaced, tracking from the previous beacon code will persist.


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