Installing the Act-On Beacon with Google Tag Manager

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These steps let you integrate Act-On’s tracking beacon on your corporate website using Google Tag Manager (GTM).

Notes about this guide:

  • The steps use Google Tag Manager (a free service), but will work with minor changes for other tag managers
  • For a holistic opt-in/opt-out cookie management solution using Google Tag Manager, see our step-by-step cookie consent guide

Follow these steps:

  1. Set up Google Tag Manager (GTM)
    1. Sign up and log in
    2. Create a website container in GTM and add the container snippet to your website according to the on-screen instructions
  2. Get the code for the Act-On Beacon
    1. In Act-On, navigate to Settings > Other Settings > Beacon Settings 
    2. If needed, change the tracking mode
    3. Copy the Beacon script
  3. Create a tag to run the Act-On Beacon on your website
    1. Click Tags on the left of GTM, then choose New to create a new tag
    2. Enter a name for the tag
    3. Select the type Custom HTML and insert the Beacon snippet in the code block area 
    4. Click inside the Triggering section and choose All Pages
    5. Click Save
  4. Preview your changes in GTM
    • Once you enable preview mode, visiting your website will launch a panel with GTM information that is visible to you only
    • You will see if your new tag is firing, and can do any necessary troubleshooting
  5. Submit your changes in GTM – they will go live immediately


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