How to Add Google Analytics or Coremetrics Parameters to Act-On Email Links

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To track overall website traffic and campaign attribution from Act-On, add Google Analytics or Coremetrics (IBM Digital Analytics) parameters to Act-On email links.

When enabled, links from Act-On emails will have UTM parameters added to them with information on the source, campaign, etc., that led the contact to your web page. Data is not passed between accounts – instead, URL parameters are added to give you more insight into your external analytics account.

Step 1: Email Link UTM Parameter Configuration

These steps set up campaign tracking only. Adding Google Analytics to a form is a separate process.

Configure the email link UTM parameter to receive all the analytics from either Google Analytics or Coremetrics as follows:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Connectors.
  2. Click Web Analytics.
  3. Choose Google Analytics or Coremetrics.
  4. Click on the box to Enable Google Analytics/Coremetrics.
  5. Enter the domains tracked by these accounts.
    • If you're tracking multiple domains, enter each domain separated by commas
    • Only use basic domains (for example, enter "" only)
    • Make sure you don't enter https:// before the domain name
  6. Click Save.


Step 2: Add Google Analytics UTM Parameters to Your Email 

You can change your default UTM parameters in the email message composer for Google Analytics.

You cannot change the default parameters for Coremetrics (See the FAQ section below for the default Coremetrics parameters). 
  1. In the email composer, click the Address tab > Click on the + button next to "Google Analytics":


  2. Add your parameters.
    You can change the Google Analytics UTM_campaign value for each email message you send from the application. The subject line will remain as the default value if no changes are made; however, you may now simply add any value you would like within the UTM_campaign field on the Address step of the email composer for a given message. This value will then get populated as the UTM_campaign query string value for all links in the message.

  3. Click Save.


What are the Coremetrics default parameters?

There is only one Coremetrics parameter: cm_mmc. This contains a string of variables that will be parsed by Coremetrics. These are:
  • cm_vendor = “Act-On%20Software” (parameters will always have encoded characters, %20 is a space)
  • cm_category = email
  • cm_placement = Email Subject Line
  • cm_item__0 = the name of the click-though link (by default, it is “Default”)

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