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Creating list segments based on your prospects' buying stages will allow you to know exactly who to nurture and what to send. The content you send to prospects will vary based on these stages.

In this article, we will help you:

  • Identify your buying stages
  • Create list segments based on each stage

To Do:

  1. List the steps your prospects normally take to purchase your product or service.
  2. Create names for each of the steps and align them with the following buying stages:
  • Unengaged
  • Top of Funnel (Engaged)
  • Middle of Funnel
  • Bottom of Funnel
  • Marketing Qualified (Sales Ready)
  • Hot Leads for Sales
  1. Associate a lead score range for each stage. Here are some examples:
  • Unengaged = 0
  • Top of Funnel (Engaged) = 1-10
  • Middle of Funnel = 11-29
  • Bottom of Funnel = 30-39
  • Marketing Qualified (Sales Ready) = 40-60
  • Hot Leads for Sales = 60+
Why is this important?
Developing a buying process is an important part of understanding your prospects and provides a framework for delivery of the right content & message, at the right time.


To Do:

  1. Add a "Lead Score" field in your list and update it automatically through a list maintenance program.
  2. Go to Contacts > Marketing Lists > Create a Segment.
  3. Define a query segment for each funnel stage.
  4. Add a profile attribute based on the "Lead Score" field you just created.

See Adding an Overall Lead Score List to a Marketing List for more details.

Why is this important?
These segments will give you insight into the buying stage that each of your prospects is currently in.

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