Track your prospect pipeline from top to bottom

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Act-On Funnel reports let you track your prospect's journey - step by step - as they travel through the unique stages of your sales process.

With Funnel Reports, you can:

  • Measure the lead flow and velocity of your prospects as they move through the pipeline.
  • Track prospects through key conversions you define: e.g. Anonymous to Known, Prospects to Qualified Lead, Opportunity to Won Deal, etc.
  • Create models that help you predict conversion timelines, uncover process gaps, calculate your forecast based on probabilities to close, and more.
  • Report on multiple dimensions of your marketing and sales efforts, and compare performance over time.
  • Create integrated reports that automatically pull from different data sources, including your CRM system.

To Do:

  1. Determine your key conversion process or key data points to measure and analyze
  2. Integrate your CRM where applicable, under Settings > Connector > CRM
  3. Go to Reports > Funnel Reports > Marketing Funnel to start building your funnel report

Why is this important?

Simple, powerful, and flexible, Act-On Funnel Reports are easy to set up, effortless to manage, and highly effective for understanding your buyer's journey and optimizing your revenue drivers.


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