Create and Use Email Signatures

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Act-On allows you to create email signature templates for consistent message branding. These can be personalized to a single user or available for account-wide use.


Create an Email Signature

  1. Navigate to Content > Signatures.

  2. Create a new signature:
    • To make a signature for your personal use, go to My Signatures and click Add
    • To create a signature that all Act-On users can add to an email, go to Account Signatures and click Add

  3. Select a Signature Graphic (optional).
    • This image will display above the Signature Text
    • Note: This option allows you to select an image from your local computer, not the Image Library

  4. Use the Rich Text Editor to create your Signature Text.
  5. When you are done designing your signature, click Save:


Your signature will now appear as an option in the Email Composer.

Set a Default Signature

Setting a default signature will tell Act-On to automatically select your preferred signature when you add a signature to an email. You will always have the option to change the selected signature when you are editing a message.

To set a default:

  1. Hover over the signature you want to preselect.

  2. Click the checkmark icon to set it as your default signature.

Edit an Existing Email Signature

  1. Navigate to Content > Signatures.

  2. Hover over the signature you want to change and click the pencil icon.
    • Click the checkmark icon to set it as your default signature or the trashcan icon to delete it

  3. Update your Signature Image and/or Signature Text as needed.

  4. Click Save.
Editing a signature here will not update signatures in the following messages:
  • Automated Program messages
  • Form response messages
  • Webinar messages
  • Scheduled Messages
To edit signatures in these messages, you must navigate to them directly. For program messages, form response messages, and webinar messages, go to Outbound > Other Messages > Triggered Messages. To update a Scheduled Message, go to Outbound > Other Messages > Scheduled, move it back to back to Drafts, edit the message, and then reschedule.
Applying your new signature will allow your updated signature to take effect.


Add a Signature to an Email Message

  1. When editing any new or existing email message, in the email composer navigate to Design > Content.

  2. Drag and drop a Signature block into your email body.

  3. Select a signature from My Signatures or Account Signatures, then click OK


Edit a Signature in an Email Template or Draft

Signatures cannot be edited from the Email Composer. To make changes to the signature text or image, go to Content > Signatures and edit the signature. 

To select a different signature in an existing message design, hover over it and click the pencil icon.



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