Injecting a Behavior Score into a List Field

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The behavior score allows you to determine how interactive your leads and contacts have been with your Act-On marketing materials.

This information is vital for properly nurturing leads and funneling them through the sales process. For non-Salesforce users, the first step to identifying hot leads in your list(s) is by adding the Act-On behavior score into a list.

Your list must have a Lead Score or Behavior Score field in it before you can follow these steps.

To add a behavior score to a list:

  1. Navigate to Contacts Marketing Lists (or Other ListsForm Submissions, or Webinar Lists)
  2. Select the list, and click the green arrow on the right
  3. Choose MaintenanceSetup Maintenance Program
  4. Enter a name and description for the List Maintenance Program
  5. Click Add Step
  6. Choose Change Field Value
  7. Update the Step Name
  8. Click the drop-down to Specify Field
  9. Click the Set Value To drop-down, and choose Set Value to Behavioral Score
  10. Click Done, and Save
  11. Click on the only when clicking the Now button hyperlink
  12. Specify the frequency of the List Maintenance program: Monthly, Weekly, or Daily (the Daily option also lets you choose shorter frequencies if desired)
  13. Click Save


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