What are industry standards for lead scoring rules?

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Marketing Funnel Stage/Act-On Lead Score

  • Unengaged 0
  • Top of Funnel (Engaged) 1 - 10
  • Middle of Funnel 11 - 29
  • Bottom of Funnel 30 – 39
  • Marketing Qualified / Sales Ready 40 - 60
  • Hot Leads for Sales 60+ Scoring Values

Time Period: Start of Buying Cycle to Close of Sale

Target marketing-qualified lead to sales-accepted lead hand-off = 40 points: The goal is to define a point when your prospect is ready to talk to sales. By having a target score in mind, we can rate other behaviors relative to this end goal.

Activity Score Philosophy
Was sent a message 0 I could send you 40 messages today.  If you never open these, are you really any more sales qualified than the next person?
Opened a message 1 Seeing that a message has been opened is nice, but it doesn't really indicate "buying interest." 
Clicked on a message 1-5 Clicking on a message, even to view it in a browser, shows we have the prospects attention, but isn’t buying behavior. Subtract your “Downloaded Media” score from 11. If this is greater than zero, that should be the point value here.
e.g. Downloaded Media = 10 | 11-10 = 1 | Clicked on Message = 1
Viewed a form 0 It's good that a prospect viewed a form, but hesitance may indicate the prospect isn’t seriously evaluating yet. The prospect will get points for this assigned from the “Visited a Web Page” score.
Submitted a form 10 Submitting any form means your prospects have become ready to trade information for content. This is a strong indicator.
Downloaded media 5-20 Downloading Act-On Media Assets means prospects have now come in contact with content you have designed to guide their buying journey.  This is often a very strong indicator, and should reflect this in the score.  Typical scoring at this stage is 10.
Visited a landing page 2 This is often a good indicator, and typically weighted more important than a visit to your website. The prospect will get points for this assigned from the “Visited a Web Page” score.
Visited a web page 8 Obviously, we want to score traffic to your site. If you knew a prospect was on your site, how many pages would they need to view for you to want sales to engage with them? (Divide this into 40)
Registered for a webinar 5 Registering for a webinar is a good indication of interest, but also helps you gauge the prospects priority on the topic.
Attended a webinar 35 If the prospect actually registered and attended, we can almost assuredly consider them sales ready and want to make sure we get this information to our team immediately
Clicked on an organic search listing 5-10 This is a very flexible category that can result in accidental visits.
Clicked on a paid search ad 5-10 PPC is a priority, and weighted heavily.
Unique: Visited Pricing Page 40 Your pricing page should be rated very heavily.
Unique: Submitted Contact Us Form 40 Certain forms are far more indicative of buying interest. Submitting a Contact Us Form will result in a prospect becoming immediately qualified.


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