The Account Report

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The Account Report combines the data from Act-On and your synced CRM to provide a cumulative view of all Leads and Contacts associated with an Account record.

This report is available if you have the Account-Based Marketing module. You can use it to see a roll-up of each individual’s score to provide a score for the account as a whole. The profile section of the report offers vital information for the account, which remains visible while viewing any of the information in the tabs. Located to the right of the account’s name in the profile section is a menu button containing an option to print the report and an email button that allows you to send a new message to all Contacts and Leads associated with the Account record in your CRM. If you have configured Account-Based Marketing, the Score card will display the cumulative score for the account. If the Score card instructs you to “Click to Setup,” then please follow the instructions for configuring Account-Based Marketing.


The Account Report relies on record relationships obtained from CRM syncs with Salesforce, Zendesk Sell, SugarCRM, or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If your sync has not been configured in the Connectors or Data Management pages, the Account Report will not be available in your account.

Accessing the Report

You can get to the report from the Accounts Dashboard in the Account-Based Marketing module. You can also access it from the Associations tab of the Contact Report.

If you want to provide direct access to the Account Report from Account records in your CRM, follow the instructions in the CRM Customization Toolkit.

Summary Tab

The Summary tab displays a count of all behaviors and activities organized by type. Clicking on any of the behavior category cards takes you to a filtered view of the Timeline tab to display only behaviors of that type.


Timeline Tab

The Timeline tab provides a cumulative timeline of behaviors for all Leads and Contacts in the Account. The contact’s name is attached to each activity, so you know which connection is associated with the behavior. The Timeline can be filtered by either behavior type or Lead/Contact name via the filter button in the top right. By default, the timeline displays all activities from all contacts.

Screen_Shot_2019-10-29_at_9.52.50_AM.png Screen_Shot_2019-10-29_at_9.50.26_AM.png

Contacts tab

The Contacts tab provides you with a list of all Leads and Contacts in the account. Here you may select one or more contacts to send them an email. The Actions menu for each contact allows you to send the contact an email or view their Contact Report.


Associations tab

The Association tab lists all Salesforce synced, related record types except Leads and Contact records. This may include Opportunity or Campaign records which can be viewed in a tabular view of the fields and values on each object via the Actions menu on the right of each listed record. When viewing the data on these related records, the values are protected from changes to prevent undesirable effects in Salesforce. Viewing the fields and values in these associated records can be very helpful in crafting or troubleshooting segmentation rules which leverage this data. This tab is only supported for Salesforce CRM.


Info tab

The Info tab provides you with a tabular view of the synced fields and values attached to the Account record. Unlike the Contact Report, these values are not editable as a precaution against undesirable downstream effects to your CRM.

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