Printing an Email or Saving as a PDF

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You can print a message and/or save it as a PDF directly from within the Email Composer. This can be useful for visually laying out your customer journey or keeping saved copies of emails outside of Act-On.


  1. While composing a message, navigate to either the Review or Send tabs
  2. Make any desired changes in the preview window:
    • Add personalization by selecting a sample recipient (Review tab only)
    • Switch between HTML, Text, and Mobile views
    The email will print/save exactly as it appears in this preview.
  3. Click the dropdown arrow to the right of the Save button, then choose Print / Save as PDF
  4. From your browser's print menu, choose the appropriate option to either print to a printer or save as a PDF (as seen below in Chrome)

If you find that some sections of the email are not printing as intended (e.g., bulletproof buttons), make sure that you include background images in the settings of the print menu. This is under "More settings" in the print dialog in Chrome.


Why can't I find the option to Print / Save As PDF?

This option is only available when you are in the Review and Send tabs. Make sure you're not in the Address or Design tab of the Email Composer before clicking the dropdown menu next to the Save button.

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