Set Up the Hot Prospects Dashboard for Microsoft Dynamics

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Essentials to get started

Once these items have been set up, you may proceed with setting up Hot Prospects.


Marketing List Setup

The Hot Prospects Dashboard reflects contacts from an Act-On marketing list. Follow these instructions to ensure the lists have the required data fields.

  1. Log into Act-On as a marketing or admin user
  2. Go to Contacts > Marketing Lists
  3. Determine up to two lists that will be the source of contacts for the Hot Prospects dashboard. (Most of the time this will be All Contacts and/or All Leads, however you can choose any MS Dynamics list - such as an imported report or marketing list.)
  4. Find the MS Dynamics list and go to list options menu
  5. Choose Import/Export > MS Dynamics Sync Setup
  6. Click on Add List Columns
  7. Find the fields for Owner and OwnerId and select them
  8. Click Save
  9. Click Run Now to re-sync the list to pull in Sales Rep data for your contacts.

Sales Prospect List Assignment

  1. Navigate to Contacts > Other Lists > Account Lists > Sales Prospects
  2. Hover over Prospects Assigned to Sales and click on the menu icon, and in the drop-down click Select
  3. Choose your marketing list to associate with Sales Prospects. (eg All Leads)
  4. Click Submit

To associate another list for your contacts, select a list for Existing Contacts Assigned to Sales (eg for the list All Contacts).

Next Steps

Provide the MS Dynamics Sales Portal User Guide to your Sales users.


Note: As an Administrator, you will not see any contacts in your Hot Prospects. This is normal and expected. Prospects will only show to the Sales Rep user assigned to the record. You may wish to assign a test record to your Administrator to ensure the feature is working.



Error message: "Your account is not setup for access to Act-On. For access, please speak with your account administrator."



Confirm that the user's email address is registered in Act-On as a Sales User. The emails must match the Act-On Login in the Configuration. Instructions here: Adding or Deleting Users.


The Hot Prospects Dashboard does not show any contacts for my sales team.

If your sales users are reporting that they do not see any prospects in the dashboard, follow this checklist.

  • Is your MS Dynamics connector active? (read more)
  • Is your Beacon Tracker collecting data? (read more)
  • Are your Lead Scoring rules set up? (read more)
  • Are the MS Dynamics Sales Reps registered in Act-On as Sales Users? (read more)
  • Are the Sales Users registered in the Act-On Marketing Platform solution?
  • Have you reviewed the recommended browser preferences for CRM Users? (here)
  • Do you have a list assigned for Sales Prospects? (read more)
  • Have these lists successfully synced recently?
  • Does this list have the OwnerId field?
  • Does the Sales Rep reporting the issue have contacts in this list? 
    • (hint: use list segmentation to check)
  • Do these contacts have inbound behavior in the past x days? 
    • Excluded behaviors: Sent/Open Email Message, and Enter/Exit Automated Program
    • (hint: use list segmentation to check)

Remember that the Hot Prospects dashboard will not show contacts for a MS Dynamics administrator. The user must have contacts assigned in the Sales Rep role to show in the dashboard.

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