How to Check Account Limits when Sending an Email Message

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When composing your email, you can check your account limits against the contacts in your message. This will provide an approximation of whether a message you are sending falls within your monthly Active Contacts. You must have recipients selected before using this feature.

In the new Email Composer:

  • In the Send Details tab, the Recipients area shows how many contacts have been selected to send to & a warning message appears above if the email send will be impacted by your monthly sending limit. 

In the legacy email composer:

  • In the Review tab, on the right, open Check Account Limits & click the Check Account Limits Now button to check the allotted active contacts limit in your account. Act-On will notify you if you fall within or are over your active contacts limit:


Estimate Only

Act-On's validation tool does have limitations with dynamic information such as opt-outs, hard bounces, soft bounces, email fatigue rules, and behavioral-based segments. This tool is an estimation.

To more accurately estimate how many contacts you will send to, we recommend maintaining the records on your marketing lists so you regularly remove emails you cannot send to.

You can do this by implementing the following practices:

  • Use List Maintenance Tools including:
    • Deleting Duplicates
    • Scrubbing Email Addresses
    • Removing Bounces & Opt-Outs
    • Removing Suppressed Records
  • Request a List Cleanse service
  • If you do not wish to, or cannot, remove contacts that are not able to be sent to, consider using Segmentation to exclude invalid emails such as opt-outs, hard bounces, etc.

Limit Exceeded

If you are over your limit, you can check your current and past usage.

If you still have questions or need to raise your limits, you may contact your Account Manager for further assistance.

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