Microsoft Dynamics Connector Data Settings

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When you connect to MS Dynamics, you will have some options to choose how your data is handled. These options are the same for all versions of Dynamics and for both connection types (Oauth and Basic Auth).

To update these settings, log in to Act-On and go to Settings > Connectors > MS Dynamics, then click Connect. The options are the same whether you are connecting with Oauth or Basic Auth.


Import Only active contacts and open leads.

When checked, inactive records are not imported to Act-On.

Default: unchecked

Filter out inactive marketing lists

When checked, inactive marketing lists do not appear in Act-On.

Default: unchecked

Filter out records without email addresses

When checked, records that do not have an Email Address are not imported to Act-On.

Default: unchecked

Update all duplicate records upon push sync

Sometimes there is more than one record with the same Email Address. Choose how to handle your data when this happens.

When this option is checked, records that have the same Email Address will all be updated in Dynamics.

When this option is unchecked, only the first record in Dynamics will be updated.

Default: unchecked

Add new form submissions as leads / contacts by default.

Choose the entity type for new records sent from Act-On to MS Dynamics from a Form Submission.

Default: Contacts



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