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Act-On Administrators have several settings that impact how your account sends SMS messages. This directly controls how many messages you send in a week or month, when your team can send SMS, and whether you choose to send SMS messages internationally (outside the US & Canada).

To view your account settings for SMS, Administrators can log in to Act-On and go to SMS > Settings.

Sending outside US and Canada

Enable this feature to allow SMS messages to be sent to phone numbers outside of the US and Canada.

International SMS uses additional SMS credits. See International SMS - Credits by Country.

Allowed SMS Hours

These settings will prevent users from sending SMS outside your specified hours, except when Allow Override is enabled.

Start Time | End Time

Enter the Start Time and End Time for your business hours. You can use arrow keys on your keyboard or type in the hours. Choose AM/PM from the dropdown.

Allow Override

When enabled, users will see a warning when they are sending a message outside of their hours. They can acknowledge the warning and proceed to send the message.


When disabled, users cannot send SMS outside of your defined SMS hours. A warning will appear. If the user proceeds, the SMS will send at the beginning of the next sending window.


Your SMS hours are set from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Allow Override is disabled. You try to schedule an SMS message to send at 6:00 pm, outside of your SMS hours. When you click Schedule Anyway, your message will actually send at a different time depending on the schedule option you have chosen:

  • My Timezone: The message will be sent at 8:00 am the next day in the timezone set for your account.
  • Recipients Timezone: The message will be sent at approximately 8:00 am in each Recipient's Time Zone.

Fatigue Rules

Choose a Time Period (7 days or 30 days) and the Maximum number of messages that can be sent

These settings will limit the number of SMS messages you can send to a single recipient within a specified period of time. It is also important to include the frequency you will be communicating via SMS in your SMS Opt-In Message.

Your Fatigue Rules enforce that limit, which prevents over-sending and cannot be overridden.

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