Best Practices for CTA Buttons in Emails

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A Call to Action is a key part of your marketing strategy. When you have clarity on how you want your audience to interact with your content, you are able to provide engaging CTA’s that effectively invite your recipient to interact with you.

By using the Button feature within Act-On you can gather metrics on your recipient's interests which can be used to measure the success of your current campaigns or inform new marketing initiatives.

Read on to learn best practices for adding buttons to your email. For full instructions to add a button, go to How to Add Bulletproof Buttons in Emails.

Things To Consider When Adding A Button To Your Email


Include at least one button “above the scroll” of your email. When users do not have to scroll to see your call to action they are more inclined to engage with your email.

Engaging Copy

The text on your button should give your recipients concise insight into the value of the content that they will be clicking into.

For example:

  • Shop —> See New Releases
  • Download —> Download My Checklist
  • Read More —> Get The Full Scoop
  • Read Article —> See 15 Ways To Save $

The tone of your copy should be informed by your company’s personality and branding.


Incorporate your branding standards into the look of your Buttons. Buttons should be clearly defined and easy for your recipient to identify. Using bold colors that contrast with the overall design of your email can catch your recipient's eye leading them to engage with your marketing.

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