Create A/B Split Segments in Act-On Contacts

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You can easily split a segment into multiple sub-segments with randomly assigned contacts.  This can be useful for A/B testing or to avoid overwhelming your team by messaging all your contacts at the same time. 

Create A/B Splits

Create a set of subsegments for any Act-On Contacts segment.

1. Go to Contacts > All Contacts.

2. Find the segment you wish to split.

3. From the three dots menu, choose Generate A/B split:



Configure your splits

Choose your options to configure the split behavior.

1. Enter a split name.  "Split A", "Split B", etc. will be appended to the name of each individual split.

2. Choose the number of splits you would like. The maximum is 30.

3. Act-On will default to an even % split. You can change this to a numeric split if you prefer.  Look to the right column to see how many contacts will be in each split.


4. If you wish to customize the split, you can edit the % or # for each split. Once you edit a split, the "lock" icon will indicate that it has been customized.  The remaining splits will adjust their totals appropriately.



Select Suppression Options

You can select contacts to suppress from your splits.

1. Click Suppress all non-deliverable contacts to remove any contacts who have bounced, opted out, reported spam, or do not have a proper email address.  Check the column on the right to see how many contacts will be suppressed and how that impacts your splits.


2. If you wish, you can also select specific segments to suppress.  Click the button and choose the segment(s). 


Select regeneration options

If the source segment changes, you may want to regenerate the splits using the same criteria.  Check the box to allow this from the parent segment's menu.


Generate your splits

Click the Submit button to generate the splits. 

You'll see the resulting sub-segments under the parent segment hierarchy.  These are direct select segments that can be edited, deleted, or changed like any other.


Click on the parent segment's three dots menu to access the Regenerate splits option if you wish to refresh the splits with updated data:AB_Split_-_Regenerate.jpg

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