Why does my Act-On Form have a warning that it is not secure?

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When submitting an Act-On Form in browsers such as Google Chrome, users may see a warning that states "The information that you're about to submit is not secure".

There may be other security warnings that appear in the browser console, or you may not be able to submit or load a form that was previously working.

There are several root causes for this security error:

  • Your Act-On account does not have a SSL Certificate set up yet (or, your SSL Certificate has expired)
  • You have a form that was implemented on your website prior to Act-On enabling global HTTPS
  • Your Act-On Form may have a Form Response redirect that goes to an insecure URL

Cause #1: Your Act-On Account is Missing an SSL Certificate

Act-On provides free SSL certificates for all accounts.

Solution: Set up your Custom Marketing Domain and add (or renew) your SSL Certificate.

See our guide here for full instructions: How to Add a Custom Marketing Domain with an SSL Certificate

Cause #2: Your Form was implemented prior to global HTTPS for Act-On

In February 2021, we updated our product to use HTTPS globally. This may have caused some breaking changes for URLs that were implemented with insecure (HTTP) protocols.

For more information, see our announcement here: Update Accounts to HTTPS Only.

Solution: Ask your Web administrator to update your Act-On Form that's on your website so that it has secure web protocols (HTTPS).

Cause #3: Your Act-On Form has an insecure Form Response redirect

To resolve this issue, edit your Form to use a secure URL (HTTPS) for the redirect.

New Forms

  1. Edit the form
  2. In the Properties tab, click on Response Page 
  3. In the side panel, update the redirect to a link that uses HTTPS mceclip2.png
  4. Click OK at the bottom of the panel
  5. At the top right, Save and Close your form
  6. Test your form to confirm the warning has been resolved.

Classic Forms

  1. Edit the form and navigate to the Settings tab
  2. Go to Redirect to URL and update the redirect to a link that uses HTTPSmceclip0.png
  3. At the top right corner, click Next
  4. Click Save
  5. Test your form to confirm the warning has been resolved.

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