Build Your SMS Opt-In List

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Before you can send SMS to a Recipient, they must consent to receive messages. If you already have SMS Opt-Ins from another data source, you can load these into Act-On and get started sending SMS.

If you don’t yet have any Opt-Ins, don’t worry! We've got you covered. We'll show you how to add SMS Opt-In to a Form so you can grow your SMS audience.

Why is this necessary?

SMS is explicitly for Opt-Ins only. Act-On only sends SMS messages to numbers that appear on your Opt-In list. Making sure you have the right Opt-Ins is critical for you to avoid problems such as lawsuits and regulatory fines.

Ways to Build your SMS Opt-In List

Form Submissions

There are two ways to use a form to gather SMS Opt-Ins, each with its own benefits.

Add Act-On's SMS Opt-In Section to your form

Form design: Use our drag-and-drop section that you can customize. Not available for classic forms.

Opt-Ins: This section automatically adds recipients to your SMS Opt-In List.

Create a custom SMS Opt-In form

Form design: Create your own form to collect SMS Phone numbers and opt-ins.

Opt-Ins: Select your Form Submission list and map it to SMS Opt-Ins. (If your account does not currently have SMS Credits, you can collect Opt-Ins now and map the list when you purchase SMS.)


External Data Source

If you are transferring your SMS marketing from another provider and you have an existing data source of SMS Opt-Ins, you can upload this data to Act-On as a Marketing List and configure it as an SMS Opt-In source.

For full instructions: Add SMS Opt-Ins from a Marketing List or External Data Source

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