SMS Overview

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Getting Started

About SMS

Learn about SMS for Act-On, including how it works and some common terms.

About Act-On SMS


Answers to the most common questions about Act-On's SMS feature.


User Guide

A short guide to send SMS, from start to finish. 

SMS User Guide

SMS Settings

Learn about important account settings for Act-On Administrators. 

SMS Settings

International SMS

Send SMS worldwide, right from Act-On!

International SMS Credits by Country

SMS Interactions

Learn how your Recipients can interact with your SMS messages.

SMS Interactions

SMS Opt-Ins

Opt-Ins are a critical component to a successful SMS campaign. Read our guide to Opt-Ins and how this works with Act-On.

Build Your SMS Opt-In List

Add SMS Opt-Ins from a Marketing List or External Data Source

Add SMS Opt-In to a Form

SMS Marketing Lists

List Field Setup

Follow this step-by-step guide to add and identify the field in your Marketing List so you can use it to send SMS.

How to Identify the Cell Phone field on your Marketing List

How to Use SMS

Create and Send SMS

All you need to know to create and send an SMS message from Act-On:

How to Create a SMS Message

How to Use SMS Personalization

How to Use the SMS Link Shortener and Tracker

How to Send a SMS Message


The SMS Report

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