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You can use Act-On forms to collect phone numbers and SMS Opt-In permission using a form section called SMS Opt-In.

All accounts can use this feature, even if you do not have SMS credits currently.

Even if you have uploaded your current SMS Opt-In List, we encourage you to have an SMS Opt-In form so you can continue to grow your list of SMS-eligible Recipients.

Essentials to get started

Before you create your SMS Opt-In form, you will need the following details:

  • The URL for your company's Privacy Policy. It should include language about SMS communications.
  • A Disclaimer for opting-in to SMS communication which has been approved by your legal team
    • Act-On provides three standard SMS Opt-In Disclaimers (see below for text)
    • Your legal team can also write a custom disclaimer

Add the SMS Opt-In Section

The SMS Opt-in Section includes four components:

  • Phone Number Field
  • SMS Opt-In checkbox, which includes a legal disclaimer
  • reCAPTCHA validation to prevent bots from submitting phone numbers
  • Submit button



To add the SMS Opt-In Section to your form:

  1. In the Design tab of the Form Builder, drag and drop the SMS Opt-In Section sms-block-icon.png  from the left side and into the form design. 
    • You will see a new section with four components: Phone Number, SMS Opt-In, a reCAPTCHA validation, and a Submit button.
    • The Phone Number Input Field will already be pre-mapped to the correct system field. This is a system use field that cannot be changed.
  2. Click on the Opt-In Field to continue setting up the form.
  3. Next, you can toggle the Welcome Message automation. By default, this is ON. mceclip0.png
  4. Scroll down to Disclaimer and choose Provided or Custom
    • For Provided disclaimers, Act-On will build a standard disclaimer based on the configuration that you choose. Options include:
      • One of three Message Types
      • The URL for your company‚Äôs Privacy Policy
      • Your anticipated frequency of communication (# of messages per week or month) Provided-Disclaimer.png
    • For a Custom disclaimer, you will enter your own text in the provided field. Work with your legal counsel to create your own disclaimer based on laws for the jurisdiction(s) you operate in.
  5. Click OK and continue to edit your form.

Add Validation for International Phone Numbers

Act-On will automatically process US, Canada, and Puerto Rico mobile numbers that are added without their country code. For contacts who reside outside of North America, you'll need to require your SMS subscribers to add their country code, starting with the + sign. To do this:

  1. Click on the Phone Number field in your form's SMS Opt-In section
  2. Go to the Validation tab
  3. Under AND, select Phone US or International
  4. Add an Error Message to tell your international subscribers they'll need to provide a country code starting with +
  5. Test your form to make sure your validation rule works correctly


Add Phone Numbers to your SMS Opt-In List

Contacts who provide their phone numbers and confirm SMS opt-in are automatically added to your SMS Opt-In List when they submit the form.


SMS Opt-In Disclaimers Provided by Act-On

Act-On provides three different predefined Disclaimers which vary based on why you are sending SMS. The message will include a link to your Privacy Policy and will reflect your anticipated frequency of communication.

If you choose to use one of our Disclaimers, you are still responsible for meeting regulations for SMS based on the jurisdictions where your business operates and sends messages to. Consult with your legal counsel to ensure you are meeting all requirements for SMS Opt-In communications.

Message Type

Disclaimer (example)


(eg marketing campaigns)

You agree to receive automated Promotional messages. Terms and Privacy Policy can be found at You may receive up to 3 msgs/wk


(eg purchase receipts, account reminders)

You agree to receive automated Transactional messages. Terms and Privacy Policy can be found at You may receive up to 3 msgs/wk

Promotional and Transactional

You agree to receive automated Promotional and Transactional messages. Terms and Privacy Policy can be found at You may receive up to 3 msgs/wk


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