Use Case: Notify Your Customers About Changes

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With Act-On, you can create an email notification to let your customers know that something is changing about the product or service they have purchased. This helps you communicate important information in a timely, efficient manner and build brand trust with your customers.


Industry: All industries
Primary Actor: Act-On Administrator
Stakeholders: Account Managers, Marketing Team
Reason: Send automated emails to notify customers of changes
Goal: Improve efficiency and ease of communicating important information to multiple contacts and contact lists



Changes are happening soon to a product or service, and you’d like to quickly notify all affected customers about these changes.


Use Act-On’s Email Composer and Transactional Email feature to send a notification email to your customers! This will promptly alert them when changes are coming to the product or service they have purchased.

Transactional emails are those necessary to complete a transaction or process that a recipient has already started with you, such as purchase confirmation or notification of changes. Transactional emails must not contain any marketing or advertising material, such as newsletters or coupons. Learn more about transactional emails in the Transactional Email Overview.


When something is changing about a product or service, let customers know with a transactional email created in Act-On.

Important! Transactional emails are only available to customers who have purchased Act-On’s Transactional Email add-on. Contact your Account Manager to learn more about adding transactional email to your Act-On account. Once you’ve added this to your account, you must follow Act-On’s Transactional Email Policy. See Transactional Email Overview.
  1. Go to Content > Outbound.

  2. Build your change notification email in Act-On’s Email Composer.
    Get started with a template from our Content Catalog.
    Learn how to apply custom branding to your email.

  3. In the Address tab, select the Transactional Message checkbox.
    Don’t see the Transactional Message checkbox? You need to purchase Act-On’s transactional email add-on. Learn more here.
  4. Launch your notification email!
Need additional help with Act-On Email? See Creating an Email Message.



You’ve successfully sent your customers a transactional email to notify them of upcoming changes to a product or service they have purchased!

Next Steps

Consider creating an Automated Program to schedule future transactional messages for your customers! Learn more here.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Can I test my transactional email?

Yes! To learn more about testing your Act-On emails, see Send a Test Email Message.

Why didn’t my transactional email send?

There are a variety of reasons that your email may have bounced or been suppressed after it was sent to your recipients. Check out your sent message report to learn more about why your email did not send correctly.

  • Go to  Outbound > Sent Messages > (select your email) > (right menu) Report. In the report, click the Not Sent/Suppressed number to see the reasons why in the Details column. For more details, see How to View Sent Message Reports.

Learn more about email deliverability and your sender reputation. These guides will help you optimize your Act-On emails to improve your deliverability scores.

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