Act-On Contacts Salesforce Sales Portal - Released!

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What’s Changing

The Salesforce Sales Portal (Act-On set of components within Salesforce) has been updated to use the All Contacts list.

  • Hot prospects can be filtered as well by choosing a sub-segment of prospectus in Contact Settings.
  • Contact data fields used in the personalization of sales email templates require mappings in Data Management.

Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 10.15.11 AM.png

This will be coming soon for other integrated CRM solutions.


February 12, 2024.

Customer Impact

These features impact clients using the All Contacts feature (learn more about this). Salesforce Sales Portal now uses the All Contacts list as its reference for sales ownership and optional filtering of prospects, contacts, and opportunities. This may result in some differences in the data displayed.

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