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Act-On Contacts is our preferred way of managing contact data within Act-On. With Act-On Contacts, you get a consolidated list of contacts with a consistent data schema, an improved user experience, better CRM syncing, more data, and exclusive features. Now, new tools are available to make it easier to transition to using Act-On Contacts. 

What's Changing

The new Upgrade Assistant walks you through the upgrade process, making it easy and efficient. This includes:

  • Import contacts from existing Marketing Lists or external sources.
  • Copy segment definitions from marketing lists.
  • Upgrade Forms to submit directly to the All Contacts list.
  • Upgrade Automated Programs to use All Contacts segments as sources.

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The Upgrade Assistant feature was released June 3, 2024 and is available to any client upgrading their account.

Customer Impact

Using the Upgrade Assistant feature is optional, but will make the process of updating more organized and efficient. If you are done upgrading or don't wish to use the feature, dismiss it by marking all items as complete.

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