SugarCRM: Syncing Invalid Email Field

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What's Changing

Act-On has updated our SugarCRM integration to enable syncing of the "Invalid Email" field (for both Marketing lists & Act-On Contacts). 

In SugarCRM, a flag next to the Email Address field can indicate if that email is invalid:

To sync this field:

  • Add the field to your All Contacts list in Settings > Data Management or to your Marketing list.
  • Map the field to the "invalid email" field in SugarCRM & be sure to allow Act-On to push this field.
  • The email field must also be allowed to push.
  • Create a segment of contacts with invalid emails:

  • Use a List Maintenance program to populate the Act-On invalid email field to "true" for contacts in this segment.
  • Schedule the program to run periodically (once per week or day as desired):


This update was released on May 30, 2024.

Customer Impact

Customers who wish to keep invalid email addresses (hard bounces) synced with SugarCRM can now do so.

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