Act-On Contacts: CRM Saved Report Sync On Demand

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What's Changing

For Act-On Contacts users, the CRM Saved report sync function has been enhanced to support an 'on-demand' sync. Previously it supported scheduled sync or one-time sync. 

To create an on-demand sync, set up your report sync according to this article. Do not check the box to keep in sync with the CRM. Upon save, choose Sync Now to initially populate the segment.

Then, when you need to update the segment with the latest from the CRM, choose "Sync now" from the info hovercard or the segment's menu:

CRM Report Sync Now.jpg


This feature was released at the end of May 2024.

Customer Impact

This feature is available to Act-On Contacts users with integrated CRMs that support this report sync - SalesForce and Sugar. (Dynamics coming soon). 

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