Webhooks: Unique contact identifiers added to payload and new payload transformation template introduced

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What’s Changing

1. The webhook payload for events triggered from an Automated Program step and Form Submissions will include the unique IDs to accurately identify the right contact to find in the third party.

  • RecID and ListID for form submission webhooks:
  • RecID and ExternalID for contacts completing Webhook AP step:

2. Payload Transformation Template added for PostCard Mania.

When setting up a webhook that is triggered from Automated Programs, a template is available that maps Act-On's payload to the required JSON formatting from PostCard Mania, a Postcard Printing and Direct Mail service:


January 25, 2024.

Customer Impact

  • Customers have more data available to properly identify the right contact to update or personalize in the third-party system.
  • A seamless integration is now available with PostCard Mania for those customers who wish to personalize communications to qualified leads or new members with direct mail.
Only customers using All Contacts will benefit from this update. If you don't see All Contacts, please fill out the form here to request this feature activation.

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