Advanced Social Media Module - Customize Dashboards and Reports

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What's Changing

A new custom report and dashboard capability have been added to the Advanced Social Media Module.

New Features

  • Create/customize reports and dashboards.
  • Customize the Advanced Social Module home screen.
  • Export reports/report data in various formats via various channels (email, FTP, Slack, Azure, Amazon S3).
  • Share dashboards with other team members who utilize Advanced Social Media.


You’ll now see a new “Social BI” item in the left navigation bar of the Advanced Social Media Module:

Creating a New Dashboard or Report

Click on the “Social BI” menu item in the left nav bar to access the dashboard and report creation area. Previously created dashboards will be visible here.

Click New Dashboard to select a template or custom dashboard type:

To build your new dashboard, select reports to add:

After you create your new dashboard it will be available on the Dashboards tab within Social BI. 

To learn more about creating dashboards and reports see this support article.


Wednesday, March 6, 2024.

Customer Impact

For customers with the Advanced Social Media Module, the previous “Analytics” navigation item will be replaced with a new “Social BI” navigation item which will allow you to create custom reports and dashboards.

Current static dashboards will still be available and no immediate changes or configuration is required. Custom dashboards and reports are optional.

To learn more about this feature:

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