Creating Dynamic Content in Email Messages

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With the Dynamic Content block, you can define entire sections of your message – including text, hyperlinks and graphics – that will display differently for recipients depending on their profile attributes. This lets you send a single message to a particular list and still provide targeted information for each contact. This feature also works well with form confirmation emails and automated programs.


Insert Dynamic Content into a Message

  1. From the Design tab of the Email Composer, drag the Dynamic Content block into your message
  2. Click If [Untitled Condition] at the top of the window
  3. Create your first condition:
    • Enter a short description for the condition
    • Select the criteria for this condition
      • Contact Field – If you've added a recipients list for this message, you will see every field from that list; if you haven't, your account's Standard Field Names will appear
      • Condition – Choose the logic to check against this field (equals, does not equal, includes, etc.)
      • Value – Choose the text (case sensitive), number, or date to check against this field
    • To add more criteria to this condition, click the Add Profile Condition link
    • Click OK
  4. To add more conditional sections, click Add Conditional Content and repeat steps 2-4
  5. Enter Your Content.
    • Fill in the rich text block with the personalized content to display to contacts who meet the condition. 
    • Fill in the Else rich text block – this content will display to contacts who don't meet any of the conditions
  6. Click OK to close the Dynamic Content section


Preview & Testing

  • In the Preview tab of your message, you can see how your content will look by selecting test recipients from the upper right corner. You must have recipients selected on the message to use this feature.
  • To preview your Dynamic Content via test emails, create a separate marketing list with the same column names (case sensitive) that are present on your recipient list and test contacts that meet each condition you've set.

Important Notes

  • Opt-out links cannot be inserted into your message via Dynamic Content
  • The fields used for Dynamic Content must be present in all your recipients lists for that message

Still need help?

Check out our Campaign Playbook on how to use Dynamic Content to send fewer messages by tailoring one message for multiple audiences.

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