What Are The Top Features for Sales Users?

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Act-On Software provides sales users with data on assigned leads and contacts through the Sales User Portal view.

Sales users have access to website data, previously sent messages, and a general overview of marketing activity in Act-On. There are also several alerts and integrations that are useful for a sales audience. 

Website Prospector and Alerts

Set up your Website Prospector report to only show the known and anonymous visitors in your territory.

Set up website visitor alerts to be notified about who is viewing your website content.

Send Email Messages

Through Act-On, you can send emails created or approved by marketing with just a few clicks. When a lead or contact clicks on emails sent through Act-On, you will be able to see their website visits by name and set up alerts for those prospects.

  • To send an email to a lead or contact in your Website Prospect report, hover over a name in the report. Click View Contact and in the upper right-hand corner, you will see the Send button. Clicking on the Send Act-On Email button will present three options:
    • Start With a Blank Message – This allows you to create an email from scratch
    • Start from a Message Template – This is the option you will use most often. Your marketing team can create templates you can use to send emails to your prospects. See Provide Email Templates for your Sales Team.
    • Start from a Previous Message – This option allows you to view emails that you have sent in the past to reuse again for a new lead or prospect
  • When starting from a message template or any previous email, you have the option to customize the email for your lead or contact.
  • After customizing the email or simply reviewing it for accuracy, ensure the 'To:' field is populated with the lead or contact’s email address.
  • Use the test option to send a sample email to yourself to check the formatting and click-through links in your message.
  • To send the email, click the Send button in the upper right corner. The email will be sent on your behalf to the lead or contact you chose.

You can also use Act-On Anywhere for Outlook or Google Chrome to send emails from the applications you already use.

View Sent Messages

If a message is sent on your behalf (from you) or by you via using the Outlook connector, these messages will be displayed in the My Sent Messages section which allows you to view your message reports.

A listing of sent emails will appear and you can drill down into each one to see specific analytics.  


You can modify your profile information in the My Profile section.

  • In the Name tab, fill out your profile and make sure your time zone is accurate
  • For Password, you have the ability to change your password to something that is easily remembered
  • Organization – by default the marketing user has already defined the default address which appears at the bottom of each email message. However, you can enter a different physical mailing address if you like. Make sure to check with your marketing department prior to making any changes to your email communications.

The Signatures section allows you access to multiple signatures for use in email.

  • My Signatures – Generate as many customs signatures as you like. When creating an email, you can then quickly select which signature you wish to use for your message. Any signature generated here is specific to your account and accessible only to you.
  • Account Signatures – In addition to the personal signatures you have created in the My Signatures tab, your Act-On marketing users can create account-wide signatures which are available to all users. When creating an email message, you will have access to these account signatures as well.

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