NetSuite CRM Integration Options in Act-On

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Act-On's NetSuite integration enables Act-On to deliver more highly qualified, sales-ready leads to the NetSuite sales team. The following options are available in Act-On when integrated with NetSuite CRM:

Send Inbound Leads and Form Sign-ups to NetSuite

Act-On Forms can push data directly to NetSuite. The following options are available when editing a Form's properties, under CRM Settings:

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Push sign-up data to NetSuite when someone submits this Form

  • This option lets you set the system to automatically push submission data into NetSuite. Note that it's very important that your form fields map to your CRM fields; the label must be the same, including spelling and punctuation (look out for variations such as "e-mail" and "email").
  • If a company record does not exist, an "unaffiliated lead record" will be created.
  • When checking this box, additional options will appear.

Overwrite existing sign-up data in NetSuite

  • Electing this option directs Act-On to find the existing record in your CRM database and overwrite the record’s data with the Form submission data.
  • If you don’t want all fields to be updated, you can specify only certain fields to be overwritten by selecting Use signup list’s Push settings to select fields.

Add a Note to NetSuite

  • When checked, Act-On automatically documents the user's Activity History noting the form submission.

Also, see Push Form Data to a CRM.

Email Message Activity Note

When sending a message to a NetSuite connected list, there is an option to attach a note to the contact in NetSuite:

  • Act-On will attach a "Sent email" note in the contact’s activity history, where it can be seen by anyone reviewing the lead.
  • By default the box will be checked and a note will be attached. If for any reason you prefer not to attach the note, just uncheck the box.

NetSuite CRM Saved Search/List View with Act-On Score

With the Act-On Lead Score being pushed to NetSuite, a saved search or a list view can be created that uses the lead score. This will enable the sales team to quickly focus on the most engaged targets.

  • In NetSuite CRM, create a new Saved Search from List Menu > Search >Saved Searches.
  • The results display, sorted by Act-On Lead Score.

Pull Your NetSuite Lead Source into Act-On

NetSuite CRM users can now pull the Lead Source field from NetSuite into Act-On. Once the date from this field is in Act-On, it can be used for segmentation and more. To set the field to be pulled, navigate to your NetSuite connector and check the Lead Source box.
See Create a Lead Score Field in NetSuite for details.

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