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Hot Prospects are the most active and engaged leads/contacts based on scoring rules defined in Act-On. Your Hot Prospects dashboard will show you the top 20 records with the highest lead score over the selected period of time. Continue reading to learn more and find answers to the most common questions.

At this time, Hot Prospects can only be used in conjunction with a CRM integration to Act-On.

Hot Prospects Dashboard

How are Hot Prospects determined?

Hot Prospects are determined using engagement behaviors. It does not include passive behaviors from the Activity History such as entering or exiting an Automated Program. The Lead or Contact must have qualifying behavior within the past 90 days, and scoring rules must be defined.

Sugar CRM is the exception as it works off its own dashlet where you can choose how Hot Prospects are calculated. SugarCRM also allows granular settings such as including email Sends and Opens. You can also choose to not include Leads/Opportunities or Contacts.

Why is my Hot Prospects Dashboard empty?

Here are some common reasons that you may not see records in your Hot Prospects:

  • Your assigned Leads/Contacts have no engaged behaviors in the time frame specified
  • Your Lead/Contact does not have an email address

Here are some additional causes for an empty dashboard, related to setup:

  • The list to identify Sales Prospects has not been assigned in Act-On
  • Lead/Contact is not in the associated Act-On list
  • The Sales Rep or Owner ID field is missing from the list
  • Scoring Rules are not set up
  • Leads/Contacts are not assigned to a Sales User or Sales Owner in your CRM
    • CRM users can only see records that are assigned to them
    • Administrators may need to create test records to test that the dashboard is working. The test contact should have activity tracked in Act-On, and the CRM record should be assigned to the user you are testing with.
  • You are not using Lead/Contact record type

Your Act-On Administrator can help with troubleshooting why your dashboard does not show any contacts. See the setup guide relative to your CRM for more specific information and troubleshooting steps.

Why is the Hot Prospects showing a different Lead Score than the Contact Report?

The Hot Prospects Dashboard will sort prospects in order based on a Hot Prospects Score. This score differed from the Act-On lead score in the following ways:

  Hot Prospects Score Contact Report Lead Scores


Includes only engaged behaviors that have a score associated


Does not include passive behaviors from the Activity History, such as entering or exiting an Automated Program
Includes all behaviors that have been assigned points
Time Frame Uses the time frame in the dashboard, and can be changed on the fly using the drop-down menu Uses the time frame set up in the score sheet
Score Sheet Uses the Default score sheet Can use multiple score sheets to get different scores for different purposes


Setting up Hot Prospects

How do I set up Hot Prospects?

To get started, see the setup guide with instructions specific for your CRM:

Are there alternatives to Hot Prospects?

Hot Prospects will only show the top 20 records. If this does not work and you would like to see all records, you can sync your Act-On lead score to your CRM and then set up list views in your CRM to show this data.


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