Push Form Data to a CRM

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Sending form submission data to your CRM allows Act-On to create new lead records in your CRM automatically. Read on to learn about the options available when sending new leads from Act-On to your Sales team.

Tip! Check the minimum field requirements for your CRM to create a new Lead or Contact record. We recommend that your form includes at least Email Address, First Name, Last Name, and Company fields for most CRMs. 

Push Leads to CRM - Immediate

This setup will send new form submissions to your CRM as leads immediately. To set a form to write all submissions to your CRM:

  1. Click Content > Forms
  2. Create a new form, or edit an existing form
  3. In the Properties tab, click CRM Settings and check the box for Push Sign-up Data to [CRM] (Act-On will show the name of the CRM connected to your account)
  4. Choose the checkboxes for the sync settings - you can write new data with each submission, overwrite existing data, add to CRM campaigns, etc.
    • If you choose Add a Note to [CRM], the form submission will be added to each contact's Activity History in your CRM – it will appear as 'Act-On Signup: [Form name]'
  5. Save your form
Tip! Marketing lists that push data to Salesforce can also send updates through Streaming Push.  You can read more to learn how to set up Streaming Push.

Selecting Fields to Push

By default, all form fields will sync to your CRM. If you do not want to send all fields when creating or updating a record, follow these instructions. 
  1. Set your form submissions to push to CRM using the steps above
    • In the form settings, make sure to select the Use Sign-up list's Push settings to select Fields option
  2. Navigate to Contacts > Other Lists > Form Submissions
  3. Click the drop-down arrow for the appropriate form submission list
  4. Choose Import/Export > Push to 'CRM' (Act-On will show the name of your connected CRM)
  5. Enable the Push to 'CRM' checkbox
  6. ​Enable the Update existing records option
  7. Click Select Push-Update Fields
  8. Identify which fields the Act-On form will be able to update
  9. Click Save to finalize your field selection
  10. Click Save to close the list settings

Push Leads to CRM - Scheduled

  1. Follow the steps above to set up your form and to select fields through Step 9.
  2. Once you have selected your fields to sync and saved, check Push to [CRM] and the options you need:
    • Add new records as Leads
    • Update Existing records
    • Push to a Salesforce Campaign (for Salesforce)
  3. Click Schedule and set the list push on a schedule (eg Daily at 8am)
  4. Click Save to confirm your settings and schedule
Your new form submissions will push to your CRM at the specified times.

Push Sign-Ups as Contacts

If you have a form that is collecting or updating contact records, do not use the form settings to send the record to your CRM. Instead, you can:
  • Use a List Maintenance Program to copy the data to your CRM's Primary List for Contacts
  • Use an Automated Program to push the records to your CRM as a Contact using the Create in CRM step (available for SugarCRM, Salesforce) or the Add to CRM step (MS Dynamics)

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