Email Launch Requests and Approval

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By default, all Act-On users have the privilege to send outbound messages. Act-On Administrator may choose to limit launch privileges so that only specific users can approve messages that are sent. 

When an Act-On user has an approver assigned, they will have the option to submit a message for Approval. This sends the message to the approver's queue, which must be approved prior to launching.

For more information on configuring this privilege, see our related article: Managing Email Launch Privileges for Users.


How to Submit a Message for Approval

  1. Create the message. 
  2. On the Send tab of the email composer, choose the option to either:
    • Send now
    • Send at the following time
  3. Click Submit Launch Request:

Email Launch Requests and Approval 01.png

How to Approve a Launch Request

Once a user submits a message for Approval, the assigned approver will receive an email notification that a message scheduled for launch needs Approval. To approve and send the message:

  1. Hover over Outbound > Other Messages Awaiting Approval.
  2. Hover over the message awaiting Approval, and choose one of the options below:
    • Reschedule – This allows you to schedule a different date and time when Act-On will launch the email message
    • Move to Drafts – This moves the email message to Outbound > Drafts. You can optionally leave a note so that you can communicate the reason the email was moved to drafts
    • Edit – When editing an email message, the message will be unscheduled from being sent


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