CRM Connector Status & FAQs

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Integrating with your CRM is a critical feature for Act-On marketers. Maintaining an active connection allows you and your sales team to market to inbound leads, respond to contact requests, utilize integration features such as Hot Prospects, and much much more.

To reconnect your CRM, see below.

In the event that our connection with your CRM is interrupted, you will lose these important functions.

CRM connections are interrupted when:

  • The user’s password has expired or was recently changed
  • The username has changed
  • The user has inadequate permissions
  • The user has been disabled
  • There are connectivity issue (e.g. the CRM service is temporarily unavailable)
  • There are firewall issues (e.g. your CRM is On Prem and Act-On's IPs have not been approved)

Act-On will display the connection status on our connector page for you to check at any time. We will also notify you in the event that the connection to your CRM has disconnected.


Connector Page

The Connector page for your CRM is where you can log in and configure certain settings for your CRM integration. These settings will vary by CRM.

You will occasionally need to revisit this page to review or update your CRM login credentials and confirm connection status.

To access the connector page for your CRM, go to Settings > Connectors and click on your CRM logo. You can then connect with your CRM administrator's login information.


Disconnection Alerts

Email Alerts

When we cannot connect to your CRM account during a scheduled task such as a list sync or an Automated Program step, we will send an email to every Administrator for your Act-On account.

We send this email alert once per day. You will stop receiving the alert once your CRM connection has been restored.

In-App Alerts

When you log in to Act-On, we are now checking your CRM credentials to ensure we have a current connection to your CRM.

Marketing and Admin users will receive an alert when their CRM connection needs attention:


In most cases, your CRM credentials were changed but the new credentials have not yet been updated in Act-On. This is common when the password for your CRM user has changed or expired.

If you click on Reconnect now, you will be taken to the Connector page where you can update the login details for your CRM.


If you choose to Dismiss this alert, it will be hidden from view until you sign out and sign in again, or when you open a new browser window.

You will stop receiving the alert once your CRM connection has been restored.



What if I don’t know my CRM credentials?

Please contact your CRM administrator and ask them to update the credentials.


I am a CRM administrator and I don’t use Act-On regularly. How do ensure this doesn’t happen in the future?

Notify your Act-On administrator whenever you change the CRM administrator password. This is critical for our integration to continue operations.


What if the Connectors page shows my CRM is active but I received an alert?

Something is not right. Contact Act-On Support and we will troubleshoot.


Why haven't I received this email previously?

We recently identified a bug where the alert emails were not sending out as intended. This has been fixed for some accounts, and all others will be corrected soon.

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