CRM Customization Toolkit

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With the CRM Customization Toolkit, you can connect Act-On to any CRM or another application without using our native CRM connectors. Using a set of JavaServer Pages (JSPs), you can let any user access Act-On's Activity History data and mailing capabilities with the click of a button.

Please note: This toolkit requires a developer to implement. Act-On Support does not support custom code, but our Professional Services team can build an integration for you as part of a paid engagement.

How It Works

The toolkit consists of three JSPs. These can be implemented in a variety of CRMs and server platforms.

  1. Login JSP - This allows users to connect to your Act-On account from within your CRM and places an authentication cookie on the user’s browser. It is required for automatic login, or else the user will be prompted to log in manually. The duration of the login session can be set in the Act-On application.
  2. Activity History JSP - This allows users to bring up the Contact Report and Account Report to see a contact’s behavior history (pages they visited, content they’ve downloaded, messages they’ve opened, and more).
  3. Send Message JSP - This opens the Message Composer in a standalone browser window and allows the user to send an email from a template or from scratch. The resulting email will be tracked in the contact’s activity history.

Get Started

See the CRM Customization Toolkit Guide for all the instructions to implement these JSPs in your application. Also, visit our developer site.

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