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Act-On's Email Performance liveboard is an analytics tool that gives marketers the ability to dive deep into their email performance data. With interactive filters, drill down and explore capabilities, you can now easily compare message effectiveness, review deliverability stats, and dive into click data. The liveboard retains data for 15-27 months depending on your account's settings.

Accessing the Email Performance Liveboard

Navigate to the liveboard from Reports > Email Performance.  What's a liveboard?  It's what you might think of as a dashboard, with "live" data that's recent up to one hour. You'll see the liveboard has three tabs of data visualizations. Email Performance includes key stats around sends, deliveries, opens, and clicks. Email Clicks dives deeper into the clicks by day and by URL. Email Deliverability explores suppressions and failures:

Email Dashboard top.jpg

Filtering the Liveboard

At the top of the liveboard, you'll see the filter options. Three standard filters include Send date, Message title, Sender, Campaign name, and Trigger Name. These filters work in combination with each other, so if you choose a limited send date range, you'll only be able to choose messages that were sent during that time period. These filters will impact all the visualizations on the three tabbed pages.

Campaign Name

Use the Campaign name filter to compare performance at the campaign level, narrowing down the results to messages within a particular campaign. Learn more about using Act-On's campaign feature to organize your content here.

Trigger Name for Programs, Forms & Webinars

Act-On emails are "triggered" in different ways.  Sometimes they are sent "standard" or "staggered" (sent over time). If they are part of an Automated Program, an automatic Form response, or a webinar (see Creating Triggered Email Messages) they will have an associated Trigger Name which is the name of the Program, Form, or webinar they are associated with. 

Apply the Trigger Name filter to narrow results to see messages associated with a particular Program, Form, or webinar. Also, there is a "Message Performance by Trigger" chart in the Email Performance liveboard:

Email by Trigger.jpg

Exploring Your Data

The Act-On liveboard gives you several options for exploring your data in more depth.

Explore Button

The Explore button is available at the top of any visualization and can be used to filter or modify the data displayed. For example, take a look at the Explore button at the top of the Opened (Unique) KPI card: 

From here, you can filter or change the data displayed:  

For example, to filter by sender just type the sender email you want to focus on:

Or, choose Replace to change the measure that is displayed. For example, here we are replacing Unique opens with Total opens:

The explore feature gives you access to all the available email performance fields. The resulting data can be downloaded, but not saved to your liveboard (customizable liveboards are coming soon!).


Another way to explore your data is with the drill-down feature. Right-click on any data point to access this menu:

For example, the date shown above has a very high click rate. The drill-down feature will let you choose from available attributes to dig into:

For example, choosing Message Subject changes the visualization to show the click rate by message subject, so it's easy to identify that our Webinar registration email got a large number of clicks: 

Use the back arrow to restore the visualization to its original state.

Explore Underlying Data

For any visualization, you can view the underlying data by right-clicking Show underlying data. This will show a table format. Use the Edit Columns button to add more data columns to the table. You can download this as a CSV. 

Email performance data is presented as aggregate data, so for each unique message sent, you'll see one row of data with totals for sent, delivered, opened, etc. To get individual recipient-level data, please see the Sent Messages report.

Filter From Any Visualization

Right-click on any data point to filter the rest of the liveboard by that data point. For example, clicking on one bubble of this scattergraph (which represents one email sent) allows filtering of the remaining liveboard to just that email.  

The filter will appear at the top of the liveboard and can be cleared from there, or you can remove the filter by right-clicking on the original data point and choosing Clear Filter

Downloading and Presenting

Use the menu at the upper right of any visualization to download as a PNG, XLSX, or CSV file. Use the menu at the top of the liveboard to download the entire page as a PDF.   

Use the Present function in these menus to display the individual visualizations slide show style.

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