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In Act-On Analytics, Liveboards act like live dashboards. They are collections of your related Answers (reports, charts, and tables). 

Create your own Liveboards to show all the Answers you want, to provide dynamic at-a-glance overviews and deep-dive insights into your marketing campaigns and data. There are standard liveboards from Act-On to get you started. Use them as a starting point when creating your own Liveboards or just as they are.

Some features require the purchase of the Dynamic Business Analytics or Premium AI Analytics packages. Please contact your Act-On account manager for these.

How to Tell
If, under Reports on the left, you see this:
AO Analytics 11.png do not have either of the analytics packages yet, so contact your Act-On account manager for an upgrade!
  • To access the Act-On Analytics home page, go to Reports > Analytics.

Create Your Own Liveboard

To create your own Liveboard, choose Answers and pin them to it.

  1. On the Act-On Analytics home page, from the main list at the bottom, open an Answer you want to be in your new Liveboard.
  2. At the upper right, click either Pin:

AO Analytics Liveboards 01.png

...or the name of an existing liveboard/tab:

AO Analytics Liveboards 02.png

  1. In the dialog that appears, click + Create Liveboard, type a Liveboard name, click the check mark on the right (it highlights blue), and click Pin:

AO Analytics Liveboards 03.png

  1. Your new Liveboard is now available from the home page, containing your chosen Answer tile.
  2. To add more Answer tiles, select from the home page, and at the upper right, click Pin (as the last used, your new Liveboard is pre-selected):

AO Analytics Liveboards 04.png

Edit Your Liveboard Layout

Move and resize the Answer tiles in your Liveboard to display what you want. For example, click Edit and reorganize the Liveboard to accommodate a newly added Answer tile (the larger one):

AO Analytics Liveboards 05.gif

Don't forget to click Save when you have finished.

Filter Your Liveboard's Data

Add filters to affect the Answers in your Liveboard simultaneously, for example, to show data from the last 90 days:

  1. Open the Liveboard you want and at the upper right, click Edit.
  2. At the top, click Add filter and choose what you want to filter from the list on the left (search is available).
  3. In the dialog that appears, set values and options for the filter:

AO Analytics Liveboards 10.png

  1. In Applicable to, set which Answer tiles and tabs (see below) the filter applies to:

AO Analytics Liveboards 12.png

  1. Click Apply to add the filter.
  2. Repeat to add more filters.
    To remove a filter, hover over the filter and click the X on the right.

Don't forget to click Save when you have finished.

More Liveboard Edit Options

More options are available when editing a Liveboard (open and at the upper left, click Edit):

  • Tabs
    Too many tiles in your liveboard? Create tabs, for example, for Answer tiles with supporting data that you don't need to always be visible. At the top, click + Add tab and type a name for your tab:

    AO Analytics Liveboards 07.png

    The new tab is available to select when pinning Answers to the Liveboard as explained above.

  • Notes
    Add information about the Answer tiles on your Liveboard, for example, to further explain the data shown and provide useful links. Text edit, link, picture, and table options are available:   

    AO Analytics Liveboards 08.png

    You can also embed content using an iFrame.
    1. On the right of the toolbar, click <> embed.
    2. Paste the embed code for your content. This can be a video, a PDF, or a Figma file.

    3. To resize the embedded content, select the edges and drag.

  • Click the name and description to edit them:

    AO Analytics Liveboards 09.png

Schedule a Liveboard

Receive Liveboard data on a schedule and share Liveboards with your colleagues via email, including those without access to Act-On Analytics:

  1. Open the Liveboard you want to schedule and at the upper right, click  and select Schedule:

AO Analytics Liveboards 13.png

  1. In the Create schedule dialog, enter or select the following:
    • Name. This does not appear in the email sent. 
    • Description. This appears in the email sent. 
    • Frequency. Select when & how often to share your Liveboard.
    • Type. Select PDF to share charts and tables. Select CSV to share data for offline analysis.
    • Gating condition. Write a statement that returns a single boolean value of true or false (for example, to evaluate if there is sufficient data to report on). At the scheduled time, if the condition evaluates to true, your Liveboard is shared.
    • Recipients. Enter the email addresses of recipients who are not Act-On users. When adding non-Act-On users, you may see a message similar to 'email not found', but you can still add the email.

AO Analytics Liveboards 14.png

  1. When you have finished, click Save.
    Your Liveboard will be shared as specified. 
These emails are sent from Please add this email to your address book to ensure delivery.

When scheduling a Liveboard, its default filters are used when shared. If you want to use custom filters when scheduling, make a copy of the Liveboard, apply the filters you want to be the default filters for the copy, and share that one.

Manage Your Liveboard Schedules

To edit a Liveboard schedule, open the Liveboard you want, at the upper right, click  and select Manage schedules. Open the schedule you want and edit as described above: 

AO Analytics Liveboards 15.png

Liveboard Viewing Options

Adjust Your Liveboard Filters

When viewing Liveboards the filters set (see above) can be adjusted, for example, to show data from the last month:

AO Analytics Liveboards 06.gif

Download a PDF

To download a PDF of your liveboard, for example, to use as a report in an email attachment, when viewing a Liveboard, at the top right, click  and select Download PDF, choose the options you want, and click Download.

Present Your Liveboard

To present your Liveboard like a PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides slideshow, when viewing a Liveboard, at the top right, click  and select Present. The Liveboard displays in full screen. Move through the slides with the keyboard arrow keys or the buttons at the top right.

Standard Liveboards From Act-On

Act-On has provided standard Liveboards to get you started, including:

Use them just as they are, or as a starting point when creating your own Liveboards:

  1. On the Act-On Analytics home page, from the main list at the bottom, use the main list filters to show only Liveboards, and choose the author Act-On Software.
  2. Open the Liveboard you want to use, click , and choose Make a copy:

AO Analytics Liveboards 11.png

  1. Rename the Liveboard and edit it to your requirements as described in the sections above.
Tip: The Act-On Analytics Walkthrough shows you a great example of what you can accomplish.

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