Act-On Analytics Overview

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Power up your marketing game with Act-On Analytics!

Act-On Analytics is a powerful and flexible analytics experience, enabling at-a-glance overviews and deep-dive insights into your marketing campaigns and data using AI-powered answers and analysis and a comprehensive level of customization, displayed in Liveboards (live dashboards) and KPIs.

The three steps to realizing Act-On Analytics' power:

  1. Get Answers to your data or business questions by directly asking AI (or building queries, or applying standard queries to your data).
  2. Use Answers to create Liveboards (or use and edit standard Liveboards) and add KPI Answers to your watchlist.
  3. Use Spot IQ AI to analyze your Answers & data points for insights.

Access Act-On Analytics

Many features require the purchase of the Dynamic Business Analytics or Premium AI Analytics packages. Please contact your Act-On account manager for these.

How to Tell
If, under Reports on the left, you see this:
AO Analytics 11.png do not have either of the analytics packages yet, so contact your Act-On account manager for an upgrade! Meanwhile, you can still access the Standard Analytics liveboards.

When signed into Act-On, go to Reports > Analytics. The Analytics Home tab appears:

AO Analytics 01.png

  • You can ask any data or business question to get Answers in the question bar at the top. Some sample questions are shown to get you started; they relate to the data type selected on the left.

  • Add KPI Answers to your watchlist in the middle, to keep a pulse on your important stats.

  • The main list at the bottom contains the Answers and Liveboards.
Want to dive right in? Head over to our Act-On Analytics Walkthrough.


Answers are your individual data or business questions answered with charts and visualizations, like a report. See Act-On Analytics: Answers.

  • Add Answers to your Liveboards & display KPI Answers on your watchlist.
  • There are some standard answers from Act-On:

    AO Analytics 02.png


Liveboards are customizable collections of Answers. See Act-On Analytics: Liveboards.

  • Create Liveboards to show all the Answers you want, to provide dynamic at-a-glance overviews and deep-dive insights into your marketing campaigns and data.
  • There are some standard liveboards from Act-On:

    AO Analytics 03.png

    For details about the Email Performance standard liveboard, see Exploring the Email Performance Analytics Liveboard.

Spot IQ

Spot IQ uses AI analysis to discover insights from your data. See Act-On Analytics: Spot IQ Analysis.

  • Run Spot IQ on any Answer or any data point in a visualization to dive deep into the data and discover insights. Right-click a data point (left) or click  on the Answer tile (right):

    AO Analytics 04.png

Other Features

  • To return to the Act-On Analytics home page, for example from viewing a Liveboard, click the left arrow at the top left:

    AO Analytics 05.png

  • Liveboards that are popular with users in your organization are shown on the right of the Act-On Analytics home page. Click to access any of them:

    AO Analytics 06.png

Main List Filters

AO Analytics 07.png

Find the Liveboard or Answer you want from the list with these filters: 

  • Switch to show only Answers, Liveboards, or both (All).

  • Add tags to Answers or Liveboards. Select checkboxes on the left, click Edit tags, and add the tags you want:
    AO Analytics 08.png
    Select from the All tags drop-down to show the Answers and Liveboards with those tags.

  • Select the user you want from the All authors drop-down to show only Answers and Liveboards created by that user, for example, yourself.

  • Hover over an Answer or Liveboard in the list and click the star to favorite it:
    AO Analytics 09.png
    Switch on My favorites to only show your favorite Answers and Liveboards.

  • To sort the list by Name, Author, Views, etc. click the column name:
    AO Analytics 10.png

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