Getting started with Act-On Analytics

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Act-On Analytics is a powerful and flexible analytics experience that will help you understand more about how your marketing programs are working and the impact they have on your business. As you explore what's possible, we've put some resources together to help.

Follow our Guided Walkthrough

It's a step-by-step approach that will take you through Analytics from basic navigation to using the dashboards to creating and formatting your own charts. You're only 30 minutes from confidence! Find step 1 here

Get Some 1:1 Consultation

Bring your specific question (challenge... idea... question... whatever!) to an office hour with one of our Act-On team members. Whether you're trying to get the formatting right for a complex chart or showing up saying "I have literally no idea where to start" we're here to help.

Office hours are held most weeks (sometimes we host an interactive workshop instead) and you can sign up for a time that works here.

Contact Support

Click on the chatbot over in the lower right corner to get started.

Read The Manual

As with everything, this is going to be a last resort. But we do have articles here in Connect that go through everything in detail. :-) The list of articles is in the right navigation.

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