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Act-On Analytics is a powerful tool to help marketers analyze their marketing campaigns. All Act-On users can access Standard Analytics, which includes liveboards (aka dashboards) for:

These replace the previous versions of the reports in Reports > Email Messages,  Landing Pages, and Forms & Media.

AO Analytics Standard 02.png

There are many more analytics features available in the Dynamic Business Analytics or Premium AI Analytics packages. Please contact your Act-On account manager for these.

How to Tell What Act-On Analytics You Have

When signed in to Act-on, go to Reports on the left.

  • If you see this:
    AO Analytics 11.png have Standard Act-On Analytics.

  • If you see this:
    AO Analytics Standard 01.png have one of the Dynamic Business Analytics or Premium AI Analytics packages. See the Act-On Analytics Overview to learn about the powerful and flexible analytics experience.


Email Performance Liveboard

Go to Reports > Email Performance.

Dive into email performance data, explore your delivery stats and trace clicks with this liveboard. Features include:

  • Filter data by time frame, message, or sender
  • Select multiple messages to compare
  • Explore various visualizations, charts, and KPI indicators. Apply custom filters, change measures, and compare data
  • View week-over-week trends in delivery, open, click rate, and click-to-open rate
  • Drill down into your data points.  Wondering what that spike in click rates was caused by? Examine the data by sender, subject line, send date, and more
  • View underlying data and create a table with the relevant data points that interest you 
  • Download and/or present your data

For more details, see Exploring the Email Performance Analytics Liveboard.

Forms, Landing Pages, Media Liveboard

Go to Reports > Forms, Landing Pages, Media.

Dive into email KPIs, trace clicks, analyze Form submissions, Landing Page activity, and media downloads with this liveboard.

See Liveboard Viewing Options to learn more.




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