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In Act-On Analytics, Spot IQ carries out AI analysis of Answers and data points to discover insights in your data, including trends, correlations, explanations of increases or decreases, and outliers (values unique from what is typical in your data).

Run a Spot IQ Analysis

  1. Find the data point or Answer you want to analyze.
    • To find a data point, in any Anwser's visualization, hover over the point you want to analyze, right-click and choose SpotIQ analyze, for example:
      AO Analytics Spot IQ 01.png
    • Find the Answer to analyze in a Liveboard, a saved Answer in the home page main list, or an Answer made in the Explore Data tab. Then, at the top right of the Answer tile, click  and choose SpotIQ analyze.

  2. Choose what you'd like to know and click Continue:

    AO Analytics Spot IQ 02.png

  3. Measures and attributes are selected for you based on what is being analyzed. Select or remove what you want and then click Analyze.

  4. Click Take me to Analysis to go straight to the Spot IQ tab where your analysis results are, or click Done to close the window.

AO Analytics Spot IQ 03.gif

Your Spot IQ Results

By default, Spot IQ analyses expire after 24 hours unless saved: AO Analytics Spot IQ 05.png
  • Click Save insights here, or if in the Spot IQ tab, find the analysis in the list, and on the right, click  and select Save.


Save Individual Analysis Answers

Each of the Spot IQ analysis results is an Answer tile, which you can (click  and) Make a copy of as an individual Answer, or Pin it to a Liveboard (see Save Your Answer):

AO Analytics Spot IQ 04.png


Share It

To share your analysis with other Act-On users and groups, with the Analysis open, at the top right, click  and select Share:

AO Analytics Spot IQ 06.png

Customize It

To customize your analysis criteria:

  1. Either with the Analysis open or in the list in the Spot IQ tab, on the right, click  and select Customize (and run) analysis.
  2. Follow from step 2 in Run a Spot IQ Analysis above. 

Schedule It 

To keep your results up to date, schedule your analysis to run periodically:

  1. Either with the Analysis open or in the list in the Spot IQ tab, on the right, click  and select Schedule analysis.
  2. In the dialog, choose How often and click Schedule. Your scheduled analysis appears in the list in the Spot IQ tab.

Spot IQ Tab Options

  • To find the analysis you want in the list, click Yours to show only the analyses that you created, or Search on the analysis name.

  • To delete several analyses, select their checkboxes on the left, click Delete (top left), and confirm when prompted.

  • In Default preferences (top right), choose to be emailed when an analysis is run, with the analysis as an attachment.
    Also, set your Data preferences and Parameters for analysis.

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